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  • Employers shouldn’t be health care scapegoats

    April 2006 ·  Mike Flynn ·  North County Times

    This month, after working together with businesses and economic experts, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney signed legislation mandating that all individuals buy health insurance. The bill sets conditions for a more market-based approach, designed to make insurance more affordable throughout the state. The road taken by Massachusetts begins from the radical notion that health care is a statewide problem, affecting all citizens, and hence should be dealt […]
  • Wal-Mart bill would hurt low-skill, entry level workers

    April 2005 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Cumberland Times-News

    Frustrated by their inability to win key organizing battles, labor unions have turned their attention from the workplace to statehouses across the country. Their most recent target is the state of Maryland, where organized labor is pushing legislation mandating employer-paid health benefits they have been unable win at the negotiating table. The recently debated Maryland Fair Share Act (SB 790/HB 1284) would require […]
  • Free Lunch In Calif. Will Relegate Many to the Bread Lines

    October 2004 ·  Dr. Aaron Yelowitz ·  Investor's Business Daily

    A ticking time bomb threatens to devastate the state of California. Powerful special interests watch impatiently as their plan nears fruition, while most everyone else goes about their business, unaware of the impending meltdown. This isn’t a Hollywood B-movie script. Proposition 72 is poised to blast a hole through California’s economy. If it passes on election day, Proposition 72 will force every California business with 20 or […]
  • A truly rotten export

    October 2003 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Orange County Register

    In recent years, the nation’s governors have gotten used to looking at California’s troubles with a mixture of relief and smug self-satisfaction. But as Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger worries how the Golden State will ever be able to afford the Health Insurance Act (SB 2) signed by Gov. Gray Davis in his administration’s twilight hours, he is far from the only state chief executive who should […]
  • Health Insurance Act fiscally disastrous

    October 2003 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    California Governor-elect Schwarzenegger’s predecessor has left him a poison pill that he has no alternative but to swallow. The Health Insurance Act, signed by Gov. Gray Davis in the twilight hours of his administration, mandates every California company with more than 20 employees to provide employee health insurance. The cost, according to Aaron Yelowitz, a health and labor economist at the University of Kentucky and the […]
  • Davis’ Bid To Stay In Office Will Cost Jobs In California

    October 2003 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Investor's Business Daily

    It's 10 minutes to midnight for Gov. Gray Davis. As judgment day approaches, measures that were once, or twice, vetoed on grounds of cost or even national security have become law with a flourish of the governor's pen. No surprise, then, that he signed a bill Sunday that requires every employer with more than 20 employees to provide employee health coverage that will cost Golden State […]
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