EPI Research (Page 26)

  • The Impact of a Health Insurance Mandate on Labor Costs and Employment

    September 1993

    Speaking to the American Hospital Association in August 1993, Hillary Rodham Clinton question why companies that do not provide health insurance to their employees should be allowed to “get what amounts to a free ride.” With these words Mrs. Clinton—who has well learned the inner workings and flaws of the nation’s health care system—indicated that she had no idea at all of how health care is[…]
  • Mandated Health Insurance, the Low Wage Employee, and the Distribution of Income

    January 1993

    Considerable political attention has been focused recently on the claim that a large and growing segment of the U.S. population, particularly the “working poor,” has inadequate access to health care. Among the many policies that have been advocated to remedy this situation, one of the most widely discussed is a proposal to require that private firms provide health insurance for all of their employees.[…]